About Us

AOII History

Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity was founded on January 2, 1897 at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. The ideals of sincerity, service, and friendship provide the foundation for AOII. As one of our founders Stella George Stern Perry explained, "We cared so profoundly for one another that we unconsciously desired a society based upon original feeling... We felt that as love never faileth, a future on that foundation was assured."

With over 168,000 initiated members from 206 collegiate chapters, the values on which AOII was founded help lead us in the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit in our daily lives. We are inspired to promote the values of simplicity, integrity, tolerance, generosity, personal dignity, and love. Our lives are to be living symbols of these values that we hold in common. They enable us to go with character and confidence into the world around us, with assurance in knowing AOII is ours, offering friendships and opportunities throughout our lifetime.

There are three key components that AOII uses to communicate our purpose: The Object of the Fraternity, our Mission Statement, and AOII's Vision Statement. Although each individually unique, the three components work together to guide and direct our ever-expanding membership and leaders.

The Object of the Fraternity

The object of the Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of Fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interest of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed, and in no way to disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity or any of its chapters.

Alpha Omicron Pi's

Alumnae Programs

As a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, there are countless opportunities to stay involved throughout your lifetime. Read the following descriptions and visit the AOII website for more information about these programs.

Alumnae Chapters

AOII has over 160 alumnae chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Once an alumna becomes a member of an alumnae chapter there are numerous opportunities to make new friends, get involved in philanthropic activities, network with other AOIIs, discover new interests, support the Fraternity and community, and have fun. Each alumnae chapter sets its own programming calendar and determines their annual fees for membership. Fees typically range from $50-$60 annually.

FOUR Alumnae Engagement Initiative

There are over 100,000 living AOII alumnae all across the globe today, and this number grows with each graduating class. Through FOUR, which is not a membership program in itself but rather an initiative, alumnae have an opportunity to connect with sisters in four unique ways:

  • Joining the International Alumnae Association (IAA)
  • Applying to be a local or international Volunteer
  • Supporting a collegiate chapter through contributions to the AOII Foundation
  • Becoming a member of a local Alumnae Chapter

Most of our alumnae want to be involved, but many don’t know how or haven’t found the right fit for their busy lifestyle. FOUR provides more options for alumnae to become involved and offers clear direction on how to get engaged in a way that is the best personal fit for them. No matter where a sister is in her lifetime journey, AOII wants to offer a way for everyone to be connected with AOII. You can help educate your chapter members about the opportunities through FOUR and all of the ways to get involved as an alumna member.

International Alumnae Association

The International Alumnae Association is similar to your alma mater’s alumni association. No matter where an alumna lives or what her circumstances, she can join the International Alumnae Association to stay connected to AOII. Annual membership dues allow alumnae to stay connected through updates, newsletters, To Dragma, and an annual stewardship report.

Many are surprised to learn that the annual cost of membership is only $35; this is the same cost that alumnae chapter members pay for their international fees. AOII has worked very hard to keep the international alumnae fee to an absolute minimum and is making it easy for members to sign up.

First Year on Us Program

AOII acknowledges our recent graduates and their time committed to AOII while in college. To encourage these young sisters to join an alumnae chapter, AOII offers First Year on Us, where AOII pays the international fees for each member’s first year in an alumnae chapter. Our newest alumnae are always thrilled to learn that their first year as an alumnae chapter member is FREE!

Many new alumnae don’t know where they are going to live right after graduation and it takes time to find a job and get settled. For that reason, as long as it is within five years of graduation and an alumna member’s first time to join, her first year will be free. All she needs to do is tell her Alumnae Chapter President that it is her first time to join an alumnae chapter, and she will take care of reporting that to Headquarters.

Life Loyal AOII Program

Life Loyal AOII is a loyalty program that provides enhanced services to members and recognizes loyal AOIIs. Life Loyal AOII is one of the best ways for collegiate and alumnae members to stay connected to AOII for life and take part in the bonds of sisterhood. Life Loyal AOII members are strong believers in the values and want to help support the future of AOII.

To join Life Loyal AOII there is a one-time cost of membership of $299. Payment can be received in a variety of forms to satisfy almost all budgets, including check, credit card, and even monthly installments. The installment plan consists of 12 monthly payments of $29.00 billed directly to a credit/debit card. The installment plan includes an additional $49.00 handling fee. Our members who have been in AOII for over 50 years are eligible to receive a discount, and their cost is $189.

Alumnae Initiate Program

The Alumna Initiate Program is a program that invites women of good character who share our philosophy and purpose and who will support the Object of the Fraternity to become a part of Alpha Omicron Pi. The invitation is extended beyond the traditional environment of our collegiate chapters across the United States and Canada. AOII is proud to offer women in all stages of their lives the opportunity for membership as Alumnae Initiates.

An Alumna Initiate is entitled to the same privileges enjoyed by all AOII alumnae members. She is eligible to serve the Fraternity in any elected or volunteer capacity, participate in alumnae programming, attend alumnae events, join an Alumnae Chapter or the International Alumnae Association, join the Life Loyal program, and support local collegiate chapters by volunteering.

Senior Cord Charms

AOII is very proud of our graduating seniors each and every year! In an effort to help engage our newest alumnae, AOII sends a silver and red AOII cord charm for each graduating senior to be worn on her tassel. The charm is accompanied with a beautifully designed information card about how to be involved as an alumna member. These charms can be worn on the tassel during graduation and also make a nice piece of jewelry for a charm bracelet/necklace after graduation. The charms are traditionally sent to the Chapter Adviser each semester for distribution to the senior members.